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Our mission is to unite independent fitness centres in Manitoba in order to develop a reopening strategy that gets Manitoba centres open in a timely manner. We have already united over 70 facilities in Manitoba, Our goal is to use scientific discourse and an evidence based approach to plead our case. Fitness centres are essential for many of our residents to maintain proper mental and physical wellbeing. Reopening in a timely manner is important to save our industry, reduce the fear and new stigma labelling centres as inherently unsafe for public use. We will formulate a strategy as a collective, then as owners will commit to these procedures. We are willing to work with Manitobas top doctors to develop and implement a logical and evidence based approach. 

Independently owned and operated private facilities have always had high standards of cleanliness and are operated in a capacity that allows owners to control all aspects of the clients experience. We will work with a willing provincial government to overcome the challenges ahead. Both parties need to come together and be willing and open minded. Fitness centres must reopen immediately, this is the socially and fiscally responsible "next step".

Dino Camiré Owner of One Family Fitness Centre



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Are you an owner of an independent private fitness facility in Manitoba? Join our coalition. We will be communicating our strategy via email. We willl email our proposed reopening strategy for you to print and sign and send back and we will submit to our chief medical officer of Manitoba.

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